Pamela Parker and the Holidaze

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Pamela Parker and the Holidaze is an all-star band Pamela puts together each year featuring Bay Area artists for the purpose of creating a holiday song for all to enjoy and share with their friends and family.  This year we were lucky enough to work with co-songwriter Drew Southern on guitar/vocals, Paulo Baldi on drums, Tony Glaser on bass, Jordan Feinstein on piano/organ and Alex Attard on Saxophone.  Graphics by Michael Moss.  

Thank you all and Happy Holidaze!!!!!!!

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Featuring all-stars:  Eric McFadden (Guitar), Chris Arenas (Bass), Kevin Carnes (Drums)
with Pamela Parker (Vocals, Guitar, Piano) and special guest, Ryan Hickey (Piano, Organ)


"Original Classic Rock for the New Millennium"

This album debuted at #1 on CHLY 101.7FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

DJ Evil Steve (Steve Levington, Program Director of 101.7FM CHLY) says:

"When I first heard Pamela Parker's Is It Real I knew I had to have Evolutionary Process. Pamela Parker sounds like the love child of Ann Wilson and Axle Rose all the while looking like the daughter of Slash, Eric McFadden plays the guitar like he's being possessed by Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana at the same time. There's only one real word to describe this band and this album....Smooth. This is the kind of music you want to roll over, light a cigarette and ask was it good for you, too? There is no such thing as a bad song on this album, it's the kind you can put in your car and go on a road trip on, drive with the top down and looking damn cool doing it. I'm a music director of a radio station and I feel that Pamela Parker's Evolutionary Process is my greatest discovery this year, and if you're smart it'll be yours 2 "

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"Everyone" LIVE at ULUV Festival

"Shine" LIVE from Evolutionary Process

LIVE in San Francisco, CA

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